11th September 2011 16:48

Ashley felt pale and exhausted. After her crazy prom mishap, Paige and the gang took her to the hospital. But that was the last thing she remembered. Now she was alone, in the dark, on an old stretcher that felt as if it was about to fall over any second. 

When she was asleep, Ashley had a vision, if that’s what they called her precog-nightmares. Two guys would come and do tests on her, with gross equipment like knifes and needles. She couldn’t see the time on the clock, but it looked dark outside the windows, so she guessed they’d come for her at night. Unless if they already came. 

Ashley tried to figure out where she was. This hospital had the same vague atmosphere the hospital that Terri and Craig went to had, but she wasn’t sure. Ashley felt her cellphone missing. Dammit, those assholes took my phone, she thought to herself. She then heard footsteps outside and tried to look like she was asleep.

10th September 2011 2:10
Friends help you when you’re passed out. Best friends let you puke on them.

<3 Prom night ‘11. Never forget my girls.

9th September 2011 20:15
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9th September 2011 20:11
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Ashley rolled around on her couch with a massive headache. Ever since she joined the dark side, she skipped school more and stopped talking to her friends. She just spent her days at karaoke bars, singing darker remixes of Poor Thing and Tell me Lies while drinking her usual cosmo. Then someone would bring her home.

"Ugh…" Ashley said, as she felt another round of vomit coming up the Ashley turnpike. "Shit", she said, "I forgot about prawww….". She slowly got off the couch and began to change.

7th September 2011 16:47
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Sorry guys, Junior Year started which is the worst year of high school. I’m going to have a lot of homework a lot so I can’t be on as much. :( I’ll see by next week or something if I’m still going to stay because I don’t want to be inactive here and be so out of touch with every other RPer.

7th September 2011 16:44
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7th September 2011 16:44
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It happens to other people 

you say how sad, you say poor thing 

but when it’s you, it’s something else 

It’s everything 

you’ll never believe the nightmares

you’ll never know the pain you caused 

you’ll never see the scars you left

the things you stole 

the staring role 

in everything lost 

You took my body, torn it in half 

you took my childhood, my heart & my laughs 

you took everything i kept for myself

and then you’re gone 

it’s not your poor thing

Poor thing - Ashley Kerwin

4th September 2011 11:57
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Totally, do i sense PMS re joining?

Sure! Sounds like fun!

(ooc: sorry for sending this late. Tumblr was glitching up.)

3rd September 2011 13:07
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Can you push out your tummy and make yourself look pregnant?